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Dulkan Raft 460

Due to the large size and the diameter of the cylinders, raft has high buoyancy and sinking. This allows it to pass easily some serious rapids. To improve the unsinkable raft cylinders are composed of four compartments, separated by airtight bulkheads. Inside an inflatable raft a few seats-pillows for the crew are set. The large size also allows you to move freely around the raft, and allows passengers to sit with the maximum convenience. High buoyancy and greater load capacity certainly makes it very comfortable for long trips on the rivers with a fast course.

Length, m4.60
Width, m1.80
Inside length, m3.70
Inside width, m0.80
Balloon`s diameter, m0.50
Number of collectors5
Number of people8
Tonnage, kg1000
Set weight, kg51

First work day 50€,
next day 30€
First holyday 60€,
next day 40€