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Safety on the water

 Rules to follow while boating:

While boating , you must use a safety vest. Jacket must be properly worn and buckled at all times. 
* A boat must accommodate only as many people as it is intended within technical specs of the  boat's model. 
* Boarding the boat can happen only when the boat is placed in the water parallel to the shore. At the time of boarding the boat should be held stable so it won't rock or overturn. 
* While in the the boat, everybody should  stay in the seated position. Do not stand up or bend over the side. 
* Take caution when encountering rapids, trees, rocks and other natural or artificial obstacles. 
* While in motion, you should not grab or touch the trees or branches that are located in the river. Such action may cause the boat to overturn,or a boater to fall in the water.
* In places where there is a rapid  river flow -  you should try to steer the boat parallel to the stream. If the boat happens to  cut across the stream, you could lose control of it  . 
* While in the boat , each person is responsible for their  own safety and health. Also, everyone is responsible for their behaviour so that they don't endanger others'  safety and health. 
* Parents, relatives, guardians are responsible for  the safety  of any a children that are with them. 
* All participants are responsible for any consequences that might arise from not following the above rules , improper boat usage, or the use alcohol , narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances during the boating journey. .